UK Stove Fans | 800W Ash Vacuum

UK Stove Fans | 800W Ash Vacuum


Clean up ash without causing any mess with the UK Stove Fans’s ash vacuum. The ash vacuum is designed to safely suck up cold ash from your fireplace, stove, wood burner or barbeque. The filter system catches the finest ash particles and prevents them from being recirculated around the room.

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You can store up to 15 litres of cold ash before the vacuum needs to be emptied. You can remove the filter and empty any remaining ash with safety and ease. The vacuum has a handle so you can transport it safely.

Our certificated RoHS and CE Compliant Ash Vacuums are part of our quality range of fireside accessories.  We only bring you the best in quality and standards.

  • Universal Vacuum Cleaner for Cold Ash, Wood Chips, Metal Chips, Glass Chips, etc
  • Flexible Metal End Cap
  • Fire Retardant Cloth Filter
  • Washable Filter
  • 15L Metal Tank
  • 800W